Capital Market, Private Equity and Fund Taxation
We have a team of largest who have rich experience in corporate, taxation and IPO and leverage finance advice.

We assist our fund and corporate clients on transactions too. This week comprise conducting legal due diligence, drafting shareholders agreements subscription agreements and preference share agreements and advising on minority right matters and exit strategies.

Our capital market practice advice on the full range of Indian law. We provide legal services on listing of companies on stock exchanges in India and assist clients in initial public offices. We represent our clients in litigation related to the capital markets including representing them before SEBI and SAT.

While advising a private equity transaction our objectives are to get the best deal and maximum return for our clients. We advise on all types of securities transaction covering equity, debts, regulatory capital and equity-linked bond issues, structured capital markets transactions and the full range of derivative products and securitized products.The law exerts of our firm provide a full and comprehensive range of tax advice and services on direct as well as indirect taxation for all types of organization including companies, partnerships, trusts and individuals.

These services also include tax panning and structuring services also include tax planning and structuring litigation involving tax disputes and advice on Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties.We believe that it is imperative to keep up with the latest development in the field of taxation law. As taxation law envolve and change, the taxation law experts work toward anticipation those changes and devising new Iligies and techniques will help reduce the various transactional costs for our client.

The transaction law experts of our firm also council the clients in matters relating to the tax aspects of retirement plans, commercial transactions, sales mergers, reorganizations, tax controversies, and preparation of business and personal tax return. Our law firm also advices our business clients on the tax consequences of varied business organization and assist in the resolution of tax problem which arise during the life of the business.

Our firm’s tax practice also includes advice on indirect taxation such as – excise, sales tax/vat, customs and service tax.

We also assist the clients on direct tax meatless such as incomes tax, wealth tax.
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